Cruse Bereavement Service, Bedfordshire

Your training was much appreciated by myself and the volunteers as the subject was so relevant to us and thought provoking.  It was helpful that you included the aspects of supervision and gave us insight into how we could address clients who present these issues.  It was very interesting and enlightening to cover this topic as it provided a view into the subject.  Gave greater understanding  of the issues around hoarding and the emotional investment in possessions.

I really appreciated your communication style and willingness to answer questions as we went along.  It was also great to include the discussion elements and the case study which volunteers really enjoyed. 

Would love to work with you again.

Mrs C
Leighton Buzzard

I wanted to write a funny piece for you.... I only ran out of soap in the second week of December, my perfue drawer is now down to 20% of stock with only one top up received at Christmas, and my cream drawer is the drawer that keeps giving. my sellotape remains endless and i haven't bought a pen or pencil since you left! I can now get my hands in to chose my birthdsy cards and haven't bought one at all since you left, it's the kind box of kindness. I seriously have paid for at least one of our sessions by using what I already had, who would of thought possible.

Mrs A

So...my son met you today and after his friend left he has cleaned the play room and is now vacuuming the upstairs hallway! YOU, Lisa and welcome here ANY TIME!!!!!!
Mrs M
Leighton Buzzard
​​My dining room looks amazing!
Katy H
Leighton Buzzard

I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough, she motivated me to tackle a huge stash of paperwork which I'd been putting off for years.

I was quite anxious but Lisa helped me take decisions about what to keep and what to chuck. Lisa got the balance just right - motivating and encouraging me, but also being sensitive and not pushing me to throw things out which are meaningful to me.

Once I could see the space we had created, it felt fantastic, the clear surfaces and tidy filing boxes helped our house feel more spacious and I am so pleased with my new organised space, It has also kick-started me into decluttering other areas of the house!
Mrs B 
Leighton Buzzard

Thank you for helping me clean out our green house, it was a job that I just could not face on my own.

You exceeded my expectations as you not only tidied and cleaned inside, you also cleared around the back and the side of the green house as well.

I can now use the greenhouse to sew my seeds and know that I have somewhere to keep the end product.

A job well done!

Karen ​
Leighton Buzzard

It’s been months since the lovely lisa helped me towards a less cluttered house and I promised a review from the first visit. In that time life and xmas happened. My son is an only grandchild and gets duly spoilt and is also at an annoying age that he hasn’t really grown out of his previous years toys so not really a situation of ‘out with the old, in with the new’, More of ‘just add to the old’!! So we came back from New Years at the grandparents (and a second xmas) to realise that the house is back to the anxiety inducing overwhelming cluttered state yet again.

But what I’ve realised is that lisa did more than help me clear some clutter last year, she’s instilled in me a new found confidence and ability to do it again myself! I was very stuck back then and didn’t know where or how to start! But now I do! It may be a slow process and I still may need her help this year with the big jobs like the shed (can barely open the door) and the loft but the everyday rooms that were previously sorted I now feel like I can handle by myself and get back to where they were. So Thank you very much Lisa for the help with my house and with the new me. X