Clutter Free Living

Terms and Conditions

Advice is always given in good faith, however it is always the client’s decision as to whether or not to take such advice, to keep a particular item or to dispose of it.  I will not accept liability for;
i)             the consequences of any decisions you make
ii)            assessing the value of any of your possessions

Handling Goods
Whilst I will always endeavour to handle your property with the utmost care, I will not accept liability for any loss or damage, however caused, during the course of providing the service. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have suitable and appropriate home insurance. I am unable to move or lift very large items.  If this is required, you may want to arrange additional help from other parties.

Personal Safety
Prior to undertaking an assignment, you, the client, agree to disclose any information relating to the working environment that might put me at risk of harm or damage to my health.
I should be informed if there are any sharp or dangerous/ hazardous objects, including medical needles, blades of any kind, broken or sharp objects or dangerous animals.
Should evidence of infestation be found, the session will cease until professional pest control services have been instructed.

Other Suppliers and Services
On occasion, I may recommend the services, or provide contact details for other service providers to you but I will not accept any responsibility for their performance nor liability for any fees payable for their services or for any loss or damage that they may cause.  For the avoidance of doubt, any contractual arrangements will be made directly between you and the supplier.

Charges and Payment Terms
·         There is no charge for initial telephone consultations
Cheques, cash or bank transfer are all acceptable payment methods. I am unable to accept card payments.
Payment should be made at the end of each session. If payment is by bank transfer you will be invoiced immediately after the session for payment.

Weekly invoicing arrangements are  available for Local Authorities and Housing Associations 

Breaks/ rest times are included within the time of the visit.
I am unable to take away rubbish or soiled items, however I am happy to take items to charity shops, homeless services or animal shelters depending on your preference.
Whilst a booking is based on a pre-agreed estimated period of time, it is not always possible to predict exactly how long a specific assignment will take.  It may be necessary to book additional hours in order to finish a job and this will be agreed between you and I as and when required.
I will travel free of charge to destinations up to a 20 mile radius from my postcode. For trips over 20 miles, expenses of 45p per mile for the additional distance will be charged.
Any parking fees incurred in providing the Services will be invoiced to the client.

Cancellation and Alteration of Hours
You have the right to cancel the Service. However, if this is within 48 hours of the appointment you will be charged 50% of the amount agreed prior to the appointment.  

Confidentiality and Privacy
Clutter Free Living is a member of the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) and adheres to all data protection and privacy guidance.
Insurance Terms are available on request
Before and after photographs are offered as part of each session, only with your permission, however this will be for private use only, and will not be used on this site, or on social media unless expressly agreed by you. (There is a separate consent form for this purpose)